Issue 17: February 2018 – Rest Issue

We live in a world where real rest is becoming a luxury. Our work demands more and more from us but gives less and less in return. Our social lives are increasingly structured by screens that we find hard to turn away from due to their demands for constant activity. Our consciences drive us to struggle against injustice wherever it is found – even to the point of burnout. We must value rest but we also must not be fooled into believing that access to rest is open equally to all. Rest in itself is a thing of personal, political & spiritual struggle. It is this complexity of rest in all its forms and how we as Quakers can restore rest to its proper place in our lives that we will explore in this issue of The Young Quaker.

In this issue:

  • Sustaining resistance – learning how to build resilience for the long-haul as an activist
  • How to rest – an exploration of different types of rest
  • For a Rest Society? Post-work visions and their limits
  • Learning to sit in the light – the five keys to rest
  • The written prayer – writing as a spiritual practice
  • The Blessings of Rest – reflections on rest from someone with M.E./CFS
  • Switching off – the challenges of digital life for the modern Quaker
  • Exploring traditional values of hospitality to create spaces of rest

TYQ February 2018 Rest Issue

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