Issue 15: May 2017 – Building Bridges Issue

With Brexit, the rise of the far-right across Europe, Trump’s election, escalating inequality and the continuing refugee crisis, we are now in a world where walls are being built between peoples, both metaphorically and literally. The politics of division, embodied in nationalism and isolationism, are the path many governments, including our own, are heading down. In the face of this, ‘that of god in everyone’, that central egalitarian foundation of Quakerism, compels us to keep dialogue open with all – including people we disagree with. Without dialogue, walls will just keep growing.

This issue is dedicated to building bridges, not walls. Every person on this earth has a story, has a perspective, has something to give. We touch upon the potential barriers that separate people, including those within our own community, and how we may overcome them. Our testimony must not be restricted to the meeting house, but must be lived.

In this issue:

  • Bridging the Divide – a reflection on a visit to a refugee project in Italy
  • Young Friends reflect on interfaith experience and what it means to them
  • An interview with two Young Friends on conscience and compromise in working life
  • Can storytelling heal society?

TYQ MAY 2017 Building Bridges

Issue 12: May 2016 – the EUROPE issue

In the EUROPE issue of The Young Quaker…

  • The EU: the arguments – and how to undermine them – from both sides of the In/Out    debate.
  • First hand account of violence in Europe – a volunteer based in Calais reports.
  • European treaties & bodies explained.

PLUS news and updates from our Trident and Mental Wellbeing Concerns, our travelling Friend and YFGM’s fundraiser.  We hope you enjoy this latest issue!

Issue 11: Feb 2016

In this issue of The Young Quaker

  • Remember that time when we all went to Peru?

Quakers from around the world all met in Peru for the Friends World Committee for Consultation.  Tas shares his pics, Kristin shares her thoughts and Jenny shares her diary from the week.

  • Rici reports from Meeting for Sufferings where the talk is of the Refugee Crisis, the long-term framework and Quakers as a Low Carbon Sustainable Community.
  • And more from the Peace Issue: Laurence describes the Lucas Plan – a radical model from the past that could help create a peaceful future.


Read Feb’s issue online.

Issue 8: February 2015

In this issue of The Young Quaker:

  • Updates on YFGM’s two newly adopted Concerns;
  • A developing employment dispute at Friends House;
  • YFGMers speak out about who they’ll be voting for in the UK General Election in May.

Plus: advice on how to get prepared for the General Election, an internship opportunity and a new column!

Read it here:

TYQ – Feb 2015

Issue 7: October 2014

In this issue of The Young Quaker:

  • News from Quaker protests at the British Museum
  • What happened at Yearly Meeting Gathering, the largest gathering of British Quakers in years
  • A report back from the YF(GM Free) weekend about Mental Health

Plus: news from Palestine, lots of reasons to visit Georgia in 2015, and a job ad from Geneva.

Read it here:

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